Genuine local products!
Fresh fish every day!
Fruits and vegetables at km 0!
Pizza also for lunch!
Limoncello from the Amalfi Coast!

La piazza da nino is...



Breakfasts for all tastes!
Sweet, savory, vegan…
abundant and tasty!
Powered by Nino!



Amalfi Coast’s flavours.
Fresh local fish every day.
Genuine local meat.
Fruit and vegetables at km 0!



Neapolitan pizza…
in the Nino’s philosophy!
Crispy and tasty…
in many fantastic varieties!

Our Specialties


GREAT food: to try; then served by an extraordinary staff, including the manager, who is a very nice and easy-going person. Everything rejoiced us on our visit to the Amalfi Coast!
I was in this small tavern by chance, attracted by the pizza. When I saw some fish spaghetti I did not see any more. I preferred to have a meal with the flavors of the place. All in taste. I recommend it to those who want to sample Amalfi flavors.
Thank you for the beautiful lunch and for your kindness. Fusilli with spectacular zucchini! If we were not passing through we would have always eaten in this spectacular village!

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About Us

The tavern “La Piazza da Nino” is the bet that Nino and Clelia have won when they have decided to focus on quality and genuineness of the products of the Amalfi Coast, putting at the service of their customers professionalism, experience and friendliness, in a perfect mix that makes every visit to the tavern something unique!


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